CQB (http://cqb.pku.edu.cn) organizes annual international conferences on concurrent subjects of quantitative biology since 2000. For each of the past conferences, we successfully gathered hundreds of scholars in the fields of quantitative biology. This year is the 24th annual conference, which will be held at Chengdu, China, and will be co-hosted by Peking University Chengdu Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Biotechnologies. 

As artificial intelligence (AI) finds increasing application across a range of biomedical fields, the boundaries of quantitative biology are being pushed beyond traditional modeling techniques. The field is now embracing deep neural networks as powerful tools for probing complex biological and physiological questions, marking a significant evolution in how we approach and understand these domains. In this new frontier, high-quality data are of great importance. We feel that it would be timely and fruitful for the quantitative biology community to gather and discuss the most recent advances in the related topics as well as where we should head for in the future. The conference is centered around two pivotal inquiries: 1) What are the strengths and limitations of current biomedical AI models? 2) What strategies should we adopt for collecting and integrating high-quality data to train or refine these AI models? With the participation of esteemed experts from both the academic and industrial spheres worldwide, we are confident that the conference will foster meaningful dialogue across this interdisciplinary domain of biomedical research. Furthermore, we aim to leverage this exceptional occasion to build bridges and establish a lasting global platform for quantitative biologists, promoting sustained collaboration and innovation in the field.