With the rapid population aging in all developed countries, it is ever more urgent to develop effective interventions to achieve healthy aging. As aging is a systems level process, the most effective ways to address it is at the systems level. Here we gathered together the top researchers in this area, to learn from each other and inspire the young generations to tackle this difficult, yet fascinating process, in particular at the systems level and its implications in major aging related diseases, including CoVID-19. 

The conference will mainly cover the following themes:

  • How and why do we age?
  • How can we quantify aging?
  • Are there systematic ways to rejuvenate old cells/tissues?

This two-day meeting will present invited talks, contributed oral presentations, and posters. Due to the unfortunate situation of the current pandemic, talks will be online for foreign participants and on-site talks for domestic participants, respectively. 

With more than twenty experts on aging and systems biology, we hope that the meeting will help ignite interests among PIs as well as postdocs/students who may become our next generation aging researchers.